Online Lectures–Christianity and the Life of the Mind: An Introduction (Developing a Christian Mind at Oxford)

DCM at Oxford

In February 2014 the Oxford Christian Mind group held a day conference entitled Christianity and the Life of the Mind: An Introduction. The sessions were recorded and are available on the DCMOxford site, and there is also a short bibliography at the bottom of the page.

Here is the purpose statement of the conference:

What does our calling to be disciples of Christ mean for our academic vocation (whether temporary as students or longer term as a career)? What are some of the promises and pitfalls of the scholarly life? How can academics and postgraduate students serve and relate to the wider body of Christ (the Church)?

We believe that considering these questions is a matter of Christian discipleship for graduate students and postdocs of faith. Through lectures and discussion, the ‘Christianity and the Life of the Mind’ conference creates space for an academic and personal introduction to the aim of ‘Developing a Christian Mind at Oxford’.


“Ideas are powerful; all they need is a voice.” – The Biola Center for Christian Thought

The Biola University Center for Christian Thought has some great online resources for helping Christians think about how we can do good in academia and in our disciplines, helping them to flourish. Here is a short teaser video that introduces the Center through a brief meditation on the power of ideas: