A great blog for Christian academic lawyers: theologyoflaw.org

Theology of LawOver at theologyoflaw.org David McIlroy (a practising barrister and Visiting Senior Lecturer at SOAS, University of London) maintains a site that seeks to “provide access to resources related to the Christian theology of law and its importance for questions of justice around the world today.” The page provides an excellent resource for Christian postgrads, postdocs and faculty working in that area.

David has drawn up a page of “major theologians“, listing the usual suspects (Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, Calvin) and also the much under-researched but very rich Hermann Dooyeweerd (more information on Dooyeweerd here and here). There are some interesting links to articles by contemporary Christian authors that will be useful to anyone seeking to understand the study of law from a Christian point of view, as well as a page of links to David’s own publications.

The site is also a great example of how Christian thinkers in a range of disciplines can take a step towards making their learning more accessible to the wider church and to a wider public. Thank you David!