Blogroll: Evangelical Christians in secular disciplines and institutions

I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of blogs maintained by Christian scholars. I’m particularly keen to link to evangelical Christians working in secular disciplines in secular universities.

Here are a few I am aware of at the moment, to get things rolling. They’re not all in secular disciplines, but those seem hard to find! Frankly I struggled to find many evangelical bloggers in secular institutions and disciplines at all… My ignorance I’m sure (thanks to those who have pointed me to further resources since I first posted this list! I’ll keep adding to it as I become aware of more great sites…)

David McIlroy

John Stackhouse

David Ceri Jones

Anxious Bench

Ben Witherington

Michael Bird

Troy Gibson


It goes without saying that I won’t agree with everything on these blogs, but they are good for stirring the waters of the mind.