I’m new to this blog: where should I start?

Hi there!

If you’ve just stumbled across this blog and are wondering where to start, first of all “welcome”! Let us offer some pointers to what might be the most useful posts to get things going.

If you’re a Christian postdoc or postgrad feeling like you are sinking without trace in academia and wondering how you ever got yourself into this mess in the first place, then welcome brother or sister, one of the main reasons we started this blog was to do our best to help people just like you. You might want to check out How does being a Christian make a difference to the work and life of an academic?, and follow up with Sir Donald Hay on Being a Christian Academic before drawing comfort from a dose of Nicholas Wolterstorff on transforming your discipline: Be patient and don’t jump on bandwagons. You might also be interested in What does a “Christian approach” to my discipline even mean? and How can I justify spending so much of my life on academic research with all the problems in the world?

If you’re a Christian and on faculty or a postdoc or postgrad student and you’re not particularly struggling to keep your head above water as a Christian at the moment, you could start by heading over to Forming a Christian Mind: What to Read and How to Read It, and follow up with The Christian academic’s full body workout.

If you’re a Christian struggling to know how to share the good news about Jesus with very clever people who come at you with lots of arguments, you could have a look at What’s the stumbling block for our colleagues: untruth or ugliness? and follow up with A Pauline model for engaging with our disciplines and Cultural analysis and the category of idolatry. Also, keep your eye on the Pascal series.

If you’re into the devotional side of the Christian academic life, kick off with The Academic prayer life and then have a look at the series on prayers and prayer life, and top up with the series on academic temptations.

If you fancy getting your teeth stuck into some meaty reading to nourish your reflections on being a Christian in academia, grab yourself a copy of Pascal’s Pensées and read along as we blog our way through it.

If you’re not a Christian yourself but wonder what some people are doing writing about being a Christian in academia anyway, then feel free to look around. Check out the about this blog post. If you want to know what we believe, head over to Christianity Explored or pick up a copy of Mark Meynell’s Cross-Examined. If you want to know why we believe it, you could do worse than start with Tim Keller’s The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism, Blaise Pascal’s Pensées or, if you are more the narrative type, Augustine’s Confessions.

Feel free to drop us an email at [thechristianscholar at gmail dot com], or for regular updates follow us on twitter: 



6 thoughts on “I’m new to this blog: where should I start?

  1. Great blog site! Your articles will be helpful in my context of high school – there are some very clever students who have read widely but not so much in depth.


  2. Count me as one who is the Christian mother of a budding academic (or two) currently in grad school – There’s much to learn and pray about there! Looking forward to reading your perspectives from inside the ivied halls of academe and being encouraged thereby.


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