About this blog

Hi! The contributors to this blog are committed evangelical Christians working in Western secular universities.

Many Christian undergraduate students will have had the experience of struggling to know how to think in a Christian way about their subject area, and along the way we have picked up hints and pointers from friends and from books that have helped us greatly in working through what it means to pursue research in a distinctively Christian way.

We offer this blog in order to share the insights and lessons we have learned on our own journeys in academia to other Christian students and faculty members who are seeking to live distinctively Christian scholarly lives. You will find that almost none of the insights are our own original, ex nihilo thoughts (when is that ever not the case!) but we hope that by gathering them in one place we can nevertheless provide a service that might help some brothers and sisters who are seeking to be faithful in an increasingly complicated, sometimes hostile but always stimulating intellectual environment.

The blog will contain personal reflections and quotations from books we have read, links to resources we have found helpful, and principles that have served us well in our own academic journeys.

You can contact us at [thechristianscholar at gmail dot com], or follow us on twitter:


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